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Online orders for restaurants, with automatic printing
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1. Your menu online

We turn your menu into a mobile friendly online order machine. Allow your clients to place their takeaway, delivery and/or dine-in food orders online.

Super flexible, super easy to navigate and super easy to order!

This page is customised with your logo, links to your site, contact details and even a map, if you want:)

2. Auto printing orders

We will supply you with a thermal printer (installed at your premises) that will automatically print out all the orders your clients place via your orders page.

You will get a clean, easy to read printout, without having to do anything.

3. Full transparency

We will give you login details that will allow you to manage your orders, products and clients. See statistics and even download data. You own your data. You can access it, export it and even ask us to delete it.

We give you full access to everything and do not try to hide anything from you! These clients belong to you!

Our Services

We will build you an online orders page, specific to your menu and restaurant branding, to take your orders. And we’ll install a printer, at your premises, to automatically print out any orders!

Completely mobile friendly too!

Takeaway orders

Your customers can place their takeaway orders online.

Delivery orders

You can mange your own deliveries with set timeslots and limits.

Table orders

Be a 21st century restaurant and accept table orders too.

Automatic printing

All your orders will be automatically printed on the supplied thermal printer.

Access to everything

You can login to manage your products, orders and much more.


Own your data

Full access to statistics and customer data (export too). Delete requests honored!

What does it cost?


For pricing.*

*The fine print: We have a couple of different pricing solutions. Something to suite everyone. Our application form includes the option to select your best pricing solution.

Your Orders Solution

Get a super flexible, online menu, to take online orders for your restaurant. Orders that will be automatically printed on the supplied thermal printer.

Apply for access

Currently we can only service restaurants in specific areas due to the installation process. Please complete your details to apply for a Resto account and to see if we can service your area. 

Do you qualify?

Which pricing model do you prefer?*

Answers to Your Questions

What do we need to supply?

You need to supply internet access via WiFi or LAN cable for our printer controller. Plus power points for the printer controller and the printer itself. And all the info/photos we will need to digitise your menu.

Who owns everything?

The software remain our property always. But you own your data. You may export your data at any time AND you may request that we delete all data at any time.

The hardware we own until you have completed your initial contract period. After that you own it. (Depends on the pricing structure you choose)

What kind of contract will I be expected to sign?

This will depend on the pricing structure you choose. If you do not like contracts you can choose the upfront option and simply work on a monthly basis (one month notice). Our other pricing options include a 12 month contract minimum.

So how does it actually work?

First any restaurant needs to apply to get an account with us. If accepted, we will contact you to get your menu, logos and other information we would need to build your menu page. When it is ready we will come and install the printer and it’s controller at your premises. Now you direct all your clients to your new “online orders” page to start the process rolling. We can also supply you a QR code to use in your marketing collateral.

Why are you not available to all restaurants?

We service and support our clients with a personal touch…which means we can only afford to support restaurants near to where we have a presence. As we grow, we will grow that area, but NEVER lose the personal touch!


12 High rd,
JHB, 2192

(+27) 84 801 4306


12 High rd,
JHB, 2192

(+27) 84 801 4306