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Get an instant web shop, created in SA & designed to cater for the South Africa food industry, with an unlimited 2 month free trial to start!

Resto restaurant orders to manage online ordering

Ordering online

Your clients can place their orders online easily & quickly. Click for more…


Your customers can place their takeaway orders online. Click for more…


You can mange your own deliveries with set timeslots and limits. Click for more…


Get Your Restaurant Online

Resto provides you a full suite of tools to sell your products online. No restrictions on orders, products, customers, users….no limits! Take payments offline via EFT or online with credit card.

Enjoy full access to your information about customers and their orders. Use the built in tools to analyse your sales performance.

Completely mobile friendly! And we can make a mobile app for you.

Receive orders via email, whatsapp or one of our automatic printers.

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What it costs

2 Month free trial.
No limits.


A powerful food ordering web shop for under R85/month


2 Month unlimited free trial to test completely


No payment info required for registration


Only limited by your imagination

Our addon services:


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Grid style

Add my menu

Original price was: R15000.00.Current price is: R12000.00.

We will add your entire menu as products in your shop, with whatever variations you require. You give us a picture(s) of your menu and we'll go populate your Resto shop with your menu items and pricing.


White label my shop

Original price was: R7000.00.Current price is: R5600.00.

We will help you to completely white label your shop


Auto printer

Original price was: R14000.00.Current price is: R11200.00.

Get your own auto printer with a dedicated email address for life. Auto print your orders as they come in.

Mobile app


Get your own mobile app. It includes unlimited push notifications per month (OneSignal account needed). *NB: Please note that you will need to open developer accounts on the 2 x app stores where this app will be published. Working Resto shop required before buying.

Annual support


Get priority Resto sites support for a year. Access to email and Whatsapp support.

Hourly support


Get priority Resto sites support for an hour. Access to email and Whatsapp support.

Why Resto

Resto is the best solution for South African restaurants and more…

Locally hosted

  • Powerful local server means really fast
  • Unaffected by load shedding
  • Unaffected by undersea cable breaks

Powered by WordPress

  • Safe, secure and very powerful
  • Scalable and fast
  • Plenty of online tutorials


  • Under R85/month (2 month free trial)
  • Build it yourself for free
  • Unlimited use (users, orders, products etc…)

Custom Domains

  • For a completely professional look
  • Map any domain to your Resto shop
  • Your clients only see your URL
Resto restaurant orders can help you to manage your own online orders

Proudly South African

  • Developing communities
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Building¬† the next level of e-businesses

Local payment gateways

  • Connect to Yoco (own account)
  • 100% of money goes to you
  • You have full control

Packed with Features

  • Customisation of any element
  • Designed for restaurants but can work for any shop
  • Complete and powerful ecommerce solution for SA

Order management

  • Send to email
  • Send to WhatsApp
  • Send to auto printer (addons)

Integrates to

How It Works

Create your own shop in 4 minutes or less…

1. Register for your 2 month free trial

Grid style

2. Add products & payment information

Revenue analytics

3. Take orders


Watch 4 minute video of the registration process

Get Started

Start Your Online Business Today

It will take about a minute to register and create your webshop. And as soon as you have added some products and payment information, you’re ready to take orders!

Resto restaurant orders supplies online shops for restaurants and more

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How Resto works

How Resto works

Resto is firstly a software suite that allows restaurants to digitize their menu. This way clients can quickly and ...
Resto: Delivery order dispatch and tracking made easy with Shipday

Resto: Delivery order dispatch and tracking made easy with Shipday

Shipday is a 3rd party service that you can integrate to, to manage your delivery orders. It is really quite simple. You'll have to signup for a Shipday account. And then integrate that to your Resto web shop (about 5 minutes). Then you'll be ready to manage your deliveries with ease and give your clients real time order tracking information.
Resto: Discover the Magic of our Automatic Thermal Printer

Resto: Discover the Magic of our Automatic Thermal Printer

Looking to streamline your restaurant operations and enhance efficiency? Look no further than the Resto Automatic Thermal Printer. This innovative device is set to revolutionize the way you handle orders, printing receipts, and managing your restaurant's day-to-day tasks.
What do we need to supply?

For your shop you need to supply all your product infomation, payment information, logo and styling. Whether you do this or we do, you’ll need to have all this information available somehow.

If you buy one of our auto printers you’ll need to connect it to power and Wi-Fi. It needs to be ON and connnected to the Wi-Fi to work!

Who owns everything?

The software remain our property always. But you own your data. You may export your data at any time AND you may request that we delete all data at any time. By this we are referring to product data, client data and order data only.

The hardware you buy, you own. (If it breaks there is a charge to replace it but we can/will do so with pleasure.)

So how does it actually work?

When you register for our free 2 month trial you will create your website. You then need to populate it with your information, products, payment prefrences and settings. As soon as that is done you can refer your clients to place their orders online.

Depending on how you set it, orders will either be emailed to you or sent to a designated Whatsapp number. Or you can purchase an auto printer from us which will automatically print out any orders you receive.

Does it work for multiple branches/locations?


It is as simple as adding a new location details for each location you want to serve from. Orders for each location will be sent to the location’s email address or Whatsapp number. Or you can buy one of our auto printers for each branch.

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